celebrity auction and luncheon

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“All My Children” stars Rebecca Budig, Vincent Irizarry, Alicia Minshew andCameron Mathison, and “Guiding Light” stars Ricky Paul Goldin and StephenMartines, will be appearing at the Celebrity Luncheon and Auction inAtlantic City, NJ, benefiting Thymic Cancer Research April 18th, 2004 at theResorts Casino Hotel Ballroom. For tickets and information go towww.thymic.org.

If your life, or that of someone you know, has been touched by cancer, thenyou know just how traumatic it can be. That is what we have experienced thepast 16 months, and which is why we began The Foundation for Thymic CancerResearch (www.thymic.org), a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization dedicated tohelping patients with thymic-related cancers. Thymic related cancers are arelatively rare, but aggressive, form of cancer affecting both children andadults, and normally with a poor prognosis.

I know because my wonderful wife, Barbara, underwent a radical nine-hoursurgery (a neck dissection) and extended radiation for such a cancer, andmost recently partial lung removal. The radiation burnt her esophagus andvocal cords so severely that she couldn’t eat or talk for four months.Unfortunately, the doctors tell her that she will never be cancer free.

This is our first major fund raising event, and we would deeply appeciate ifyou could mention it in your paper and help us promote it.

ThanksAlan NeibauerFoundation for Thymic Cancer Researchwww.thymic.org