Arizzi’s Article on the need for a performing arts center

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Thankyou, Miss Arizzi, for your excellent article on Villanova’s glaring lack of resources for undergraduate performing arts programs.

Our daughter, who was involved in the performing arts in high school,and participates in the arts at VU, has spoken often about the inadequate and depressing facilities shared by performing groups. We have been to wonderful undergraduate VSMT performances and were amazed that the students were able to mount such a quality production despite the appallingly bad facilities. Our public high school auditorium, though vastly older than the the St. Mary’s auditorium, has four times the number of seats and and an up-to-date lighting and sound system which supports our performers.

While there always seems to be money to build sports programs at the university level, I suppose funding for The Arts is not as big a money maker. It is a shame that Villanova, a fine University of the Liberal Arts seems to have forgotten the “Arts” part of the education process.