Men’s Water Polo Team

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Why in the sam hell is there no mention of the successful triumphs of the Men’s Water Polo team? From an alumnus reading from afar, I would hope to be updated on the performance of one of the more successful of the many great Villanova club teams. From the outright theft of our varsity status (along with the Hockey team in ’98) by that sell-out jerk AD (see what he did with Boston College & the Big East… oh, he’s a trust-worthy man allright), to your refusal to promote their success is a crime. The team practices more than many other teams of their status, and on a Varsity level of intensity and commitment I might add. (How many teams do you know practice till 10 pm, 5 NIGHTS A WEEK!) Respect must given to these great men of the pool. They are students, and they are athletes, just because YOU say they are not, they are STILL student-athletes, by mine and any other’s definition. Please pay their earned respect and report on their success. If anything, why is there no regular page devoted club/intramural sports? These areas are as much a part of the campus as the Oreo and Corr hall, and should be noted. I wish the polo team well at nationals.

Thank you and go ‘Cats, beat G’town.Chris Mercurio ’01