Copyrighted Material used (11/07/03) without proper photo caption

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Greetings,I just read the Villanovan for today (11/07/03) and noticed in the X-Country Article by Sam Carella, you used a picture (Of Jon Fasulo (the Big East 2003 XC Champion), that was marked in the caption as INTERNET PHOTO,,, now I know for a fact that this picture came from my website: and was shot by my mother: Mary DiBiase Blaich.I don’t know who allowed you to have permission to use this photo, but you do not have permission unless you contact the photographer, or had you contacted myself instead, prior to using this picture. Providing a caption such as INTERNET PHOTO is not acceptable. My mother, says that you are more than welcome to use any pictures for Track and FIeld/XC articles, but you MUST put her name in the photo credits. As you know with the internet you can take almost anything off of it and use it (although this is not legal, unless you obtain the person whom this material belongs too), but when you get caught using someone elses copyrighted information without giving them credit that is not appropriate, espcially at a Catholic University. (The picture was taken and used on,, but Jonathan Gust, the webmaster for the site obtained permission first, and put in the approproate photo credits.) No matter what your distribtuion circle is, you are still a piece of journalism, and should hold yourself to a code of ethics, even if that means finding out where a picture came from, before using it, and keeping your facts straight in articles!

-Andrew Blaich ’05webmaster of: