“Villanova not All BMW’s”

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Your article is somewhat interesting – as an alumnus from over 30 years ago, my impressions of ‘Nova are the same now as they were then: The University and the Administration fail to understand that they are not, have never been and never will be in the same category as Boston College, Notre Dame and Georgetown. If you live in the Delaware Valley area, however, one would be led to believe that Villanova is up there with the elite private institutions in the country. That image is fairly easy to project when you consider that regional competition includes the likes of LaSalle and Temple. As long as Villanova retains it’s “BMW” attitude, I think it’s safe to say that it will never approach the overall excellence of institutions such as BC, ND and GTown (academically, athletically, socially). To imply otherwise is wrong. Villanova is a good school, not a great one.