Seniors Football game

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To the Editor:

First of all, I would like to congratulate the Villanova football team on a great season. They worked so hard and really battled back from so many injuries. They will definitely come back next year ready to play another great season of football.

Also, it was really nice to see that the football staff and the athletic department recognized all of the seniors that have put four or five years of their lives into this program, but they forgot a few. I know for a fact that there are two managers for the football team that are seniors this year that have spent 3+ years with the program. These two young women work very hard every day setting up equipment for practices, filming practices, doing laundry, taking care of wiring on the field on gameday, and the list goes on. They spend more time working than the guys spend practicing, and they deserved to be recognized with all of the other seniors on Saturday.

Next year, when the next group of seniors graduates there is another group of managers and some student athletic trainers that will have been with the football program for three or four years. Will they not be recognized? They play just as big a part in the success of the football program as the actual players do themselves. Without the dedication of managers the players would not have equipment in decent condition in which to play, and without student trainers to assist the head Athletic trainer, there would not be players healthy enough to play.

So, to the football staff and offices and the athletic department, just a piece of advice for next year… Please recognize all of the seniors that have been instrumental in the success of your program, because without them, you would not be going anywhere.

Sincerely,Brynn FredetteClass of 2005