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I am writing to introduce myself to you. Perhaps you would be willing to do a press release or human interest piece about me. I am very excited about what I am doing and think that this may be of interest to your readership. A Muse Group is a creatively run twelve week class , 3 hours each, based on the book The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard): 10 Guides to Creative Inspiration for Artists, Poets, Lovers and Other Mortals Wanting to Live a Dazzling Existence. Muse Groups create a group setting to help individuals to:Break through creative blocks and discover new ways to express their singular uniqueness;Learn to see themselves in a new creative light Remember who they authentically are;Develop strategies to utilize strengths most effectively;Create focus and momentum for their creative endeavors; Celebrate the ability to create, laugh and see life with ever-new joyReveal obstacles so that something can be doneMaximize the potential of each creative individual;Help individuals find more satisfying ways to view their lives and workCreate a forum for people to meet, bond with and be supported by like-minded peopleExperience a setting whose very nature and approach inspires creative brillianceThe reasons a Muse Group Series is effective are:Honors the non-linear nature and ‘out of the box thinking’ of creativity so it gives permission for people to be themselves rather than follow rigid rules; Provides structure and accountability in a compassionate fashion to help individuals gain momentum in the creative process, dreams long held but delayed, feared or set as lower priority are now cultivated;Creates creative life habits that continue when the group ends Provides an inspiring, supportive, playful environment that elicits inspiration, support and play, (i.e. the way the material is presented automatically elicits creative thinking);Step-by-step tools that foil every conceivable creative block ;It is a LOT OF FUN and fun creates a creatively optimal environmentMuse Groups begin with the following assumptions: People are naturally creative, brilliant and ingenious; Encouragement, compassion, creatively designed tasks will unleash imprisoned brilliance ;Individuals are their own agents for change and every individual changes according to their own path, needs and individuality; Creative Change is promoted by compassionate guidance, inspiration by example, support, encouragement, play and partnership; The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard) know what they are doing in the realm of breaking through blocks and inspiring authentic expression. I am the only Certified Group Facilitator to teach this course in the tri-state area. This course is wonderful and so enlivening. Before you or someone you know wastes another sleepless night or loses another day because of not being truly authentic and somehow hopeless and lost, give me a call. Before you or they give up on their dreams or ever believing in being comfortable with anything you or they think or do, let alone create by using your own God given talents in the pursuit of knowledge, ideas, beauty, wisdom, understanding, security, and perhaps a desire for self-actualization, check with Patricia Zirin, MFA, MA, Certified Group Facilitator,Creativity Coach.