St. Joe Preview

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Is Matthew Clark a complete idiot?

His preview of St. Joes was comical.

Wets and Nelson not good passers? They are only being praised as the best backcourt in the country. Nelson is the leading candidate for national player of the year and is ranked far and away the best point guard in America.

SJU is a first half team that eases up and lets opponents. Good point here. A recent example of this, after building a 42 point lead against Steve Lappas and UMASS, the Minutemen rallied in the last 12 minutes to close the gap to 25. Only problem is, Coach Martelli had pulled the starters and regular reserves, SJU was playing a freshman and 4 walk ons against UMass’s starters.

Barely beat Gonzaga in our home opener?

The game was on a neutral court at Madison Square Garden in the Coaches Vs. Cancer classic.

Villanova has a better defense? Are you serious.

I could go on, but in truth I wanted to thank Mr. Clark. I am sure this story will be hanging in the SJU locker room prior to Monday’s game.