Mordini for Editor

[email protected]

Much like Mr. Mordini’s article about, “…actual medicine that may actually improve health”, I actually have an actual topic of actual importance to discuss with you all today. I would like to ask the Villanovan to promote Mr. Mordini back up to Editor, so we don’t needlessly suffer while reading his weekly articles. He makes the “Good Times” section’s “vacuous articles” (which they are) seem as funny as a Family Guy marathon. All he needed to do was apologize for mistaking two timeless, classic American novels. Rather than take responsibility for his egregious error, he attacked the bio majors and department. Insecurity abounds. Now, he not only disgraces himself as an English major, but as a member of the Villanova “community”. It is my hope that the newspaper moves Mr. Mordini back to Editor before the Opinion column joins the Villanova Times, in Davy Jones’ locker. As for the bio majors out there, don’t forget, a typoe is a slip of the finger, but misquoting and using filler words such as “actually” ad infinitum are slips of the mind. Anyway Joe, you may not be a great English major, but according to the great Dr. Hibbert, “…you can fall back on your degree in…Communications? Oh dear Lord!”