Campus Parking, Insufficient Space

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Dear Editor,

I was horrified when I flipped open the newspaper this week and saw that the editorial had to deal with campus parking. I thought editorials had to deal with the important issues of the day, not juvenile topics.The article begins describing a beautiful Villanova Campus and even states that it is an arboretum, which not to many universities can boast about.However, the author then asks for the University to tear down some of these trees to add parking spots. Well wouldn’t this counter the idea of being an arboretum?The article goes on to criticize the University and the transportation services of Public safety. But here is an idea, how about we thank them for giving us the added privilege of parking on campus then scrutinizing them for it.The article finishes up by saying that there is a problem because the spots in West our so filled up that they have to park in Main Lot. But here is an idea why don’t you get off your lazy assess and walk the 10 minutes it takes.Finally, I’m sure the only reason this was a topic was because the writer probably received a ticket from Public Safety.