Dr. Tim Horner

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Editor:As a memeber of the Villanova community, it troubles me that there is no opinion column presented in the newspaper that conflicts with that of Dr. Tim Horner. I feel that as members of the Villanova community, we have a right to hear both ends of an opinion. In addition, I challenge Dr. Horner to write an article on positive issues in our world today. If Dr. Horner wishes to help elect a new president, he should spend more time building the credibility of his own candidate, rather than showing our students how the ways of negativity and bias. His past article was not only full of political criticisms, but also of personal attacks on our President. As a Villanovan, I am insulted that one of our educators promotes such classless tactics.A man of such education as a Ph.D. should know better than to make our school paper – one that unites us as Villanovans, both conservative and liberal – one of smear politics.