Missy’s Article on SJU-Nova

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Dear Missy,

Thank you for the thought-provoking, articulate article about the recent Cats-Hawks game. I also came up through the Big Five ranks rooting for every Big Five team, except the ones playing St. Joe’s.

I was one of the fortunate 250 SJU fans who attended Monday’s game. Overall, the student fans I encountered were high-spirited, respectful of a 55 yo SJU fan and his daughter, and ready to see a memorable derailing of the St. Joe’s win streak.

I did not see the obscene sign about Jameer and oral sex; I could not make out the STD chant aimed at Delonte West’s port wine stain birthmark, and I probably would have gone a bit nuts if I had.

It is sad that in most spectator sports nowadays the LCDs, lowest common denominators, seem to have the biggest mouths and a complete lack of taste and common sense. We have them at SJU, too.

When administrators, coaches, and student leaders remain silent, it infers that we fans should just “go along to get along.” When student newspapers, A.D.s, and coaches speak up as you have, it raises the bar and encourages the GCDs, greatest common denominators, to allow their sportsmanship, decency and values to shine through.

Know that ugly moments have occurred on Hawk Hill too. Here’s hoping that leadership and sportsmanship from student-leaders like you will prevail more in the future at all Big Five events.


Jim McLaughlinBonner, ’66; SJU, ’70