iBrackets.com – March Madness: Attention: Sports Editor

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HelloI wanted to pass some information along to you about our online bracketing system. We’ve designed a site that allows users to host ‘office pools’ online during the tournament. Users can create their own custom pool and we give them ultimate control (they choose scoring scheme, tie-breakers, custom colors and graphics, etc). We provide them with a Tournament ID and Password to control access. I know conference schedules are quickly coming to a close and the tournament is always a hot topic during the first couple of weeks of March. I encourage you to stop by and check out iBrackets. If you’re doing a story about the tournament and various aspects of it, I’m happy to provide you with more information about our product. Let me know if you’re interested and I can setup a pool at no charge so you can get a feel for functionality we have offer.

Thanks for your time,Jeremy Smoker

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