Behavior at St. Joe’s game

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Thanks to Melissa Squarcia for her 2/6 opinion piece. She did a great job describing the problem of fan behavior at basketball games, especially with relation to kids being at these games. I am a 1984 graduate and have had season tickets for about ten years. I was at the St. Joe’s game with my 10 year-old daughter, and was worried on a few ocassions that she was going to be able to hear what the students were chanting. Luckily, most chants from our seats directly across from the student section were not only unintelligent, but unintelligible as well. The STD chant was one that I’m happy to say we couldn’t decipher.It’s really a shame when you can’t bring your kids to a college basketball game, to share in what used to be the greatest atmosphere in sports, because of the crowd’s increasingly R-rated behavior. And it’s not just students, either….I’ve heard several adults screaming foul language at the refs, at Jay Wright, at Jason Fraser, at pretty much anyone they’re not happy with at a given moment. It takes a lot more intelligence and creativity to come up with ways to cheer for Villanova, and against opponents, that don’t resort to crude chants and banners that don’t even make sense. Good luck, Melissa, I hope the fans listen to you. Hopefully, one day you can bring your kids to Villanova games without having to worry about explaining more to them than why they ran a certain play, or why the students are all reading newspapers during the other team’s introductions.