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Lisa D’AnnunzioDr. Karyn HollisAdvanced Expository WritingFebruary 23, 2004Review on The Astral Plane Restaurant

When we picture a night out on the town we imagine an evening of relaxation, entertainment, good company and a fine meal. However, our choices are frequently mundane; do we want Italian, Mexican or Japanese? Fast food, sits down, or buffet? Do we feel like dressing up or going casual? We are a culture searching for new, innovative dining experiences that are exciting, charismatic and pleasing to the palate. With so many decisions to make, it’s no wonder that we become frustrated with the whole idea of going out and decide to order take-out and lounge in our comfortable tees and sweats. For this reason, my encounter with The Astral Plane Restaurant located on Lombard Street in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square made a lasting impression. A few weeks ago, I accompanied a dear friend to the restaurant, and to our delight, the dining experience integrated a most unique dcor, a peaceful atmosphere and appealing, delectable dishes. The half hour drive from Villanova flew by and before I knew it we were there. Upon entering The Astral Plane I became entranced by its eclectic sense of style; its ceilings were Bohemian, with flowing, balloon-like fabric, deep crimson in color; its walls displayed paintings and photographs of everything from famous jazz musicians and thespians to modern art; and its tables were candlelit with knick-knack centerpieces. The chairs and tables were assorted in shape, style and color and I felt like a queen when I sat in a giant wicker fan chair gazing with amazement about the astral atmosphere. Noticing the menu, I realized that it too was assorted, very new age, complete with exciting combinations to compliment the scenery! The ambiance created a magical dining setting that was not only stimulating but serene as well. As I ogled over our table’s unique centerpiece – two little mouse puppets on a small rocking chair, freshly cut flowers and intimate candlelight – I noticed that other patrons looked similarly content; the setting proved most relaxing after a demanding week. Some patrons were dressed to impress while others dressed for comfort. We were all different in race, sex and reason to dine out but each of us fit into the atmosphere flawlessly. The background music enhanced the air resonating Ella Fitzgerald and big band sounds, recent alternative melodies including Dido and Sarah McLaughlin, as well as leisurely romantic numbers including Frank Sinatra’s “Love Me.” The music, menu, patrons and dcor, comprised of so many artistic and humanistic variables, fit together harmoniously. The menu contained exciting combinations and I was elated with my decision to order the coconut crab bisque for an appetizer and the Quesadilla de Flores, made with zucchini blossoms, as an entree. Eagerly awaiting our meal, my friend and I enjoyed our beverages, hot rolls and butter and our surroundings. When our meal arrived it looked delightful, intriguing and delicious. The bisque was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the taste of crab and sweet coconut. The Quesadilla de Flores were beautifully presented and the first taste of its spicy, smoky chiopotle sauce, zucchini and zucchini blossoms, chevre, and onion made my mouth water for more. We consumed our meals in a quiet corner all our own, under the skylight surrounded by a navy blue ceiling and silver painted stars as we engaged in undisturbed conversation and enjoyed the enchanting dining experience that enlivened ours spirits and soothed our souls. The Astral Plane is one of the very few restaurants where there are no wrong answers. It is clear that its owners and staff take great pride in creating and maintaining a most artistic environment where music and color, art and personality from all walks of life may come together to form a one-of-a-kind dining experience. The Astral Plane’s atmosphere, food, and personnel relay to patrons that they are encouraged to express themselves and discover the world around. Through dining at Astral Plane, we may leave the rest of the world behind us and embellish in the present through an enchanting, economical dining experience. Astral Plane, incorporating unique dcor, delicious food, diverse patrons and personnel, exhibits a nondiscriminatory, creative, and peaceful lifestyle that is both refreshing and inspiring.