can you rise your voice against ethnic cleansing?

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Dear Editor:

The members of Eretz Yisrael – Jewish Native Land (JNL) Committee have recently sent an open letter to president George W. Bush regarding US policy in Middle East. We thought it might be interesting to publish this letter in your newspaper. Thank you very much for your consideration. Sincerely yours, Members of Eretz Yisrael Eretz Yisrael – Jewish Native Land (JNL)

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Open Letter to President George Bush

Honorable Mr. President: We, the Representatives of the US Committee for JNL, have severalquestions in connection with your policy in the Middle East. First, your administration demands from Israel the deportation of Jewsfrom Judea, Samaria and Gaza (Yesha), which, in your opinion, should behanded to the hypothetical Arab state of Palestine. Why do you insistthat even if, eventually, Arafat’s state is created, that it be”Judenrein”? Mr. President, you insist on the dismantling of so-called”illegal” Jewish settlements. But how can there be illegal settlementsof Jews in Judea and in other areas of the Holy Land commanded to Jews? On the other hand, almost 300 Arab settlements have been created on thisland without coordination and registration after 1967. Why do youconsider these Arab settlements lawful and the unregistered Jewishsettlements – illegal? In addition, there is no International Lawforbidding Jews to settle in Palestine or anywhere else in the World. Mr. President, does it seem to you, that the policy of creating”Judenrein” areas through deportation of Jews from the Holy Landencourages the expansion of such zones in the world and can promote othercountries to join Saudi Arabia and Jordan and declare themselves”Judenrein”? You do not call for the only Jewish State to be “Arabfree”. Conversely, everybody demands that Arabs have the same rights asJews do in Israel.

Thank you for your time,Representatives of the US Committee for JNLVitaly Raevsky, Chairman of the US Committee for JNLRepresentatives in the States: Yana Bari, (GA), Leonid Belaysky, (TX), Boris Blanski, (CA),Eugenia Gitis, (MD), Vadim Daskovsky, (MD),Alexander Dymshits, (WA), Eliesar Fainleb, (PA),Yelena Faykina, (PA), Simon Kaganov, (CO), Mikhael Kushnir, (Utah),Isaak Lifshits, (IL), Michael Margolin, (NJ),Vladimir Opendic, (NY), Sabina Pelly (IL), Yan Rempel, (PA),Vitaly Smilavsky (MA), Nehama Shwartz, (NY), Petr Yefimov, (MA)Contact: [email protected] Helen [email protected] ((267)307-9995Anna