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Don’t be a Victim of a “Wreck-Chasers”,

What is a “Wreck-Chaser”? A Wreck-Chaser is a person in a tow truck, driving around, listening to a police radio and looking for car accidents. When they hear or see a car accident they rush to the scene. You often see multiple tow trucks swarming around like a pack of wolves, waiting to pounce on the prey. Don’t be a victim of Wreck-Chasers. If you get into a car accident, do not let anyone take your car. First, call the police and then your insurance company. Your insurance company will suggest to you a selection of reputable Auto Body Shops that you can call to have your car towed. If your car must be moved immediately by one of the swarming tow trucks, have them tow it to your home or to any location where you know somebody. Never let them take your car without having them put in writing, “Where exactly you want your car to be taken” and “What the charges will be for the services”. If you do not, two things will more than likely happen… First, your car will end up at an Auto Body Shop that you never heard of or a fenced in lot where the car is stored but might not be secure… And second, the cost for the services will be extremely high and unreasonable. To get your car back in your possession or moved to any other place you will first have to go thru a long and painful process, not to mention have to pay the charges for a list of services the Wreck-Chasers claims they provided.

For example: Towing Fee- $75.00, Mileage($3.00 per mile)- 12 miles= $36.00, Winching Fee- $150.00, Highway clean up Fee- $75.00, Lot Fee-$35.00, Storage Fee ($35.00 per day with a 15% tax)- 3 days= $120.75, Administration Fee $75.00, Total $566.75. This is just an example and I was being slightly fair. The most outrageous Wreck-Chasers bill I’ve seen totaled $725.00 and they had possession of the car less then 24 hours. This Wreck-Chaser was investigated by Licenses and Inspections as well as the insurance company.I work at a very reputable Auto Body Shop, so I speak from experience. I have seen too many people become victims of these Wreck-Chasers. They take full advantage of the unfortunate situation you are in. These people will steal your car right from under you, while you are disoriented from the accident , being put into an ambulance, giving a statement to the police ect… I do not understand how the city of Philadelphia officials allow this crime go on. Why are they not regulated? There should be laws against Wreck-Chasing. I know in many cities and townships in the surrounding area, Wreck-Chasing is against the law, but where are the laws in Philadelphia. There should be a limit as to what they can charge and where they take your car. There are many reputable towing companies out there whose charges are always fair and reasonable, and the reputable towing companies take your car where you want.

I can’t stop the Wreck-Chasers, just like I can’t stop the carjackers, but I can educate and warn the public about this predator. The Wreck-Chasers are just like the carjackers, prowling the highways, streets and boulevards of Philadelphia, hunting down victims to prey on. DON’T BE A VICTIM OF WRECK-CHASING!!!!!!!!!!

Wreck-Chaser Vigilante