Story Idea-Funding of Club Teams (& Club Tennis)

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Hi Villanovan!

After not having made the varsity tennis team last year as a freshman, I still desired to continue my sport in college on a competitive level. I subsequently became VP of the newly formed Villanova Tennis Club, and at the very beginning of this year I started Villanova’s first club tennis team. We held tryouts, began holding weekly practices, and have played matches against other universities (eg UPenn, Penn State, and upcoming Lehigh, Lafayette etc).

This coming March 10-13, we will be competing at the USA Team Tennis National Campus Championships-the National tournament for university club teams sponsored by the USTA, NIRSA and ITA-to be held in Daytona Beach, Florida.

We are currently selling raffle tickets as a fundraiser so that we can attempt to pay our way to Nationals, since our club team is entirely self-funded. Neither the Villanova Athletics Department nor Student Government offers funding to club teams, even though many exist here (club lacrosse, frisbee, ice hockey, crew, volleyball etc), and all struggle for funding.

A few people on our club tennis team have not been able to afford the dues we must charge, and have dropped out, some expressing a sense of guilt that they cannot participate simply because they do not have the financial flexibility to do so-regardless of their talent and desire to engage in an enjoyable physical activity at college. Others in the future may be intimidated from trying out for the team simply because they know they could not afford it.

I feel that it is unfair for Villanova to not contribute funds to club teams when it is a healthy and active social activity of equal integrity to other on-campus clubs, organizations and athletic teams.

This is a controversial subject since other universities do financially support their club teams, and I think it would make for a good investigative story.

I would be more than willing to provide more information about my club team and my opinions on this subject.

Thank you!

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