Timothy Lawson’s Recent Column

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Although I am somewhat more right leaning in my thinking, I applaud your recent article in the Villanovan about the left and minorities at the University. Two thoughts come to mind:

1. You really can’t have a functional system without both liberal and conservative schools of thought. Each should have a respected voice.

2. The minority population at Villanova is still very low. I recall initiatives announced back when I graduated in 1989 to attract a more diverse student body, and it is unfortunate that their efforts have been so fruitless.

While another article in the paper this week said that there has been a sizable improvement in diversity, I would assert that you must compare the school to the competition, not to a period when the student body was so appallingly homogeneous.

I look forward to reading your future contributions.

Best Regards

J. Philip Faranda1989 A & S