Bicycling in Delaware County

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We’d like to urge all local, county and state legislators toencourage and promote bicycling in Delaware County. The proposed route called “the Bicyclist’s Baltimore Pike”, which runs roughly parallel to Baltimore Pike from Media to Yeadon, is of particular interest.

Delaware County has high traffic volume and aggressive drivers on many roads. School children, adult pedestrians and elderly walkers have trouble crossing streets; the roads can be unsafe for bicyclists: people who live on busy roads have trouble turning into their own driveways.

We urge support for all plans that calm traffic and that allow for more inclusive and complete use of the roadways and sidewalks by bicyclists, pedestrians and cars. One technique is to paint a stripe on a road to delineate the shoulder. This makes the road appear narrower to drivers, and research shows that they tend to drive more slowly and carefully. Once the traffic has been calmed, pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers are all safer. Signs reminding drivers to “Share the Road” can also be effective.

Bicycling is a clean, healthy activity that should be more actively promoted here in Delaware Valley. More than 20% of County residents are obese, according to the CDC, and the state of Pennsylvania loses more than 4 billion dollars a year in obesity-related health costs. Delaware County has also earned a grade of “F” for high levels of ozone on many days during the year. Bicycling is a clean, fun, healthy form of transportation that addresses both of these problems.

Calmer traffic patterns help everyone: the school child, the adult pedestrian, the bicyclist and drivers who can proceed more safely and less stressfully to their destination. We urge every citizen’s support of Bicyclist’s Baltimore Pike. Share the Road!