Recycle Mania Ad

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Dear Editor,Would it be possible to put the following Recycle Mania Ad in the Villanovan on behalf of the Recycling Group in Environmental Science 1050-001?

Hey Villanova Students! Did you know that Villanova University is currently 3rd place in Recycle Mania!! Recycle Mania is a national championship between 17 other schools that have some of the best recycling programs in the country. Some of the other schools include Dartmouth, Yale, Brown, Carnegie Mellon, and Harvard. Just recently we took over Harvard’s 3rd place spot and pushed them back to 4th place. With your help, we can become number one! The winning school is based upon the most amount of recycled material per student. Not sure how you can help? Just continue or start to use recycling centers in both resident and dining halls. Are you not sure what can be recycled? No problem. Just call the Recycling Office at x 9-4466. The contests end on April 9th, so lets make sure we beat Miami and Dartmouth so Villanova can claim to have the top recycling program in the country. Start Recycling!

Sincerely,Elizabeth StoehrRecycling GroupEnvironmental Science 1050-001