Commencement Presumptions

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Why doesn’t the Villanova community simply relax and let Mr. Spinney deliver his commencement speech before condemning him? I can recall a similar event occurring when Anna Quinlan was supposed to speak at Villanova. Students gave no interest in what they might learn from her; let alone what she had to say. They only cared that she was pro-choice, and they threatened to protest her. There couldn’t be a better way to complete your higher education, than with a final lesson from someone who most likely played a role in your earliest education? I think the seniors should keep open minds during the ceremony. Do not close them prematurely like Joe Mordini did when he told the Philadelphia Daily News that, “…the image of the television character will dominate everyone’s mind”. Perhaps if he had paid closer attention to lessons in biology, Joe would know that words, what Mr. Spinney is here to deliver, are picked up by the ears, not the imagination. Listen well and learn seniors.

J.P. Scopetta Class of 2001