arts at villanova!!!

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Please don’t put my specific letter in your paper, but I just wanted to inform you a bit about a change occurring on campus. My friend Camlinh Dinh and I are forming a new club at Villanova. It is, for the time being, called “the Villanova Writers Club” (but I think we’re leaning towards calling it “The Protagonists”), and I was hoping you could possibly do a story on the sudden growth of art related organizations at Villanova. Other than the various singing groups on campus, up until this year there was really only Arthology. In the 2003-2004 school year, we have expanded to include a Photography Club, a Literary Club, and now a Writers club. Slowly but surely, the Villanova community is growing into a more artistically stimulating environment, and I think that is something to take note of!

I would like to tell you a bit about the club we are trying to form, and maybe you can describe it briefly in an article about the arts. We are sponsored by the “concentration in Writing and Rhetoric”, and our mission is to share our work, critique it, and learn the steps one must take to publish his or her material. Our club is not reserved for the Liberal Arts, but the entire Villanova community. In fact, I am a Mechanical Engineering Major (and Communication minor), and my co-president is a nursing student. We encourage everyone who is interested in the creative arts, and expressing themselves to come to our first meeting on Thursday April 22, at 7:00PM in the E-media room. Please please please mention us in an article and have all the wonderful writers at the Villanovan come to our first meeting!!

If anyone wants to join our mailing list contact: [email protected]