Opportunity for Nova Students (Press Release)

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Good Morning!

I’m the Director of Marketing for a company called University Calendars, a subsidiary of University Direct, LLC, which is a nationwide direct marketing firm servicing the college market. University Calendars is the nation’s foremost publisher of college fashion calendars and magazines. Each year we produce calendars and magazines for different geographic regions that are intended to give students information about a variety of topics, coupons to their favorite stores and restaurants, and various other benefits, and we’re now just beginning work on our 2005 Philadelphia college fashion calendar.

Before I go into more detail about the product, the reason I’m emailing you is simply to inquire about printing press releases in your newspaper. Our publications offer students a few intriguing opportunities, and the community as a whole for that matter, and one of the best ways we’ve found to let people know about these opportunities is to publish press releases in a few college newspapers in each region we’re working in.

That said, here are some details for you. Our fashion calendars feature only current students. Our 2005 Philly publication will feature students from 4 to 6 Philly-area schools, one of which will be your school. The models will be wearing the newest styles by the hottest Philly-area designers, and the photos are shot by renowned fashion photographers. The content of the calendar is sexy but very tasteful. Each calendar highlights companies in the area that go out of their way to solicit business from college kids, offers coupons to local and national companies, and provides valuable information relevant to students’ lives. These high quality wall calendars are distributed to students free of charge in the beginning of the school year on campus and at calendar release parties we host at the hottest clubs in Philly.

Students selected to be featured in the calendar receive monetary compensation, free clothing, a free portfolio, and great exposure if they’re serious about pursuing a possible modeling career. Through our affiliations with Philly-area and national modeling agencies, we typically refer our calendar models to some of the top modeling agencies around, and for our top talent we even set up interviews with casting directors. Those select few students (16 in all from Philly) who are selected for the calendar will have the time of their lives, and there is the potential for very lucrative modeling and acting opportunities.

We also invite students to intern in our advertising and special events departments, but we typically post classified ads for that. In terms of the calendar opportunity, we will begin accepting applications from aspiring models in April of 2004 and we stop in February of 2005. We only accept students who will be enrolled in 2005. Please let me know if we can submit a press release for your paper, and let me know if there are any particular parameters for how the press release is structured. We will be posting similar press releases in other college newspapers as well, namely those of Temple, Penn, and Drexel. Again, we will be featuring students from 4 to 6 schools, and although we do promote in various ways, the press release is among our most important vehicles. Please let us know if you can oblige. Thank you very much.

Very Truly Yours,

Jason A. Metz

University CalendarsDirector of Marketing

Cell: 610-745-3753