Misleading article on your site

[email protected]

Dear Editor,

I’m sending this note to inform you about something on your web site that needs to be corrected, not as something I think you should publish as an editorial.

The story on your web site “Keeping tabs on life” (link below) contains quite a bit of false information.(https://www.villanovan.com/news/2002/04/26/Features/Keeping.Tabs.On.Life-245673.shtml)

Pull tabs from aluminum cans can NOT be redeemed for minutes on a dialysis machine. This is an old urban myth! While the article does say later that the National Kidney Foundation does not run such a program, it does not ever say clearly that the tabs are not worth dialysis minutes. At the beginning of the article it states that the tabs can be exchanged as if it is true. I really can’t tell whether the author understands the truth or not! The idea that the tab is made of aluminum that is more pure than the rest of the can is also false. The tabs are made out of the exact same material as the cans. The whole can should be saved, not just the tab. If you are going to leave the article up a statement needs to be added to the top making it clear that the tabs can’t be exchanged for dialysis.

Here are some links where you can get the correct information: