Mordini: Not some sappy farewell column

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Dear Editor:

Having been a volunteer on my local PBS station’s auction for 14 years and a longtime donor, I am especially hurt by Mr. Mordini’sattempt at humor regards the possibility of a TV icon like Caroll Spinney speaking at the commencement ceremonies for your universitynext month. He may not be a “spring chicken” any more(anyone who watched the wonderful A&E profile of “Sesame Street” which aired on “Biography” some time back will know that it’s a little difficult to work Big Bird…Spinney can only do it a few minutes at a time since he–like the rest of us–is growing older), but I sincerely believe he has more wisdom than one might think he does. Besides, if Mr. Mordini had bothered to check with his parents(especially if they also attended college), he’d discover there are loads of post-pubescent fans of the show who look to it as a respite from studying. The premise of “Sesame Street” is deceptively simple, but it was designed not only for pre-schoolers and their parents, too. I had to give up my quest to complete college(I have two associate’s degrees from community college), but the kind and quality of education Spinney, the late Jim Henson(who created the Muppets), and their colleagues and contemporaries, have offered a far greater education in their own way than college alone can ever provide.

Jeffrey D. Knight2105 N. 66 Ave.Hollywood, FL 33024