Commencement speaker

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After watching the news last night (Monday the 27th of April) and seeing that the word is out on our commencement speaker I came to the conclusion that the news anchors were right to laugh. They were laughing at the idea of Big Bird coming to speak at our school, and if I was not at this school, but was instead an outsider, i would laugh too. The idea of having Big Bird coming to speak at our graduation is pathetic. The person who came up with this idea, Sally Scholz, should be fired. Not only have you made a mockery of the school, but you have also made a mockery of what was supposed to be a respectful day of accomplishment for the graduating class. Was it that Villanova couldn’t afford a better speaker, I know that they always complain that there is not enough money at this school. If that it is the case, I would rather that there be no speaker at commencement instead of the laughable choice that Ms. Scholz came up with. It is also insulting that some administrator gets to choose who talks, commencement belongs to the seniors let us choose. Up until I received the news of this so called commencement speaker, I had been overly happy with my education here. I know that on commencement day I will be hanging my head instead of holding it high, proud of my accomplishment, because of Sally Scholz and her poor choice ratified by the school.