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Now Listen Up

Many are asking why we are rebuilding Iraq. If we want to end ‘El Qaida’ and other terrorism, we must begin in the middle of terrorist sponsoring countries and Iraq is it. Actually not only is it in the middle of these countries, but it also is the most likely country to accomplish this objective. It has at it’s disposal the worlds largest oil deposits and will be able to use the money to help us in our efforts. Actually, when Iraq is democratized, we will be reimbursed for our expenses from oil sales. We also can look forward to this huge amount of oil breaking the Saudi monopoly and keeping gasoline prices down. If we were to fail in Iraq, western civilization and freedom as we know it would come under extreme pressure as terrorists would be free to expand and we could go under. I believe this war to eliminate the terrorist threat to the world is more important than winning WWll.

Charles E. MidlamSix Battle Stars, Bronze Arrowhead, Purple Heart