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New Organization needs your Inspiration, Input and Support!!!

Greetings students, professors and (potential) activists,

my name is Katja Pumm and I’m writing you in the name of our new organization INNOCENT IN PRISON for reasons that can justly change the lives of hundreds or even thousands of innocent women and men in U.S. prisons.

We are a non profit organization of innocent prisoners in the U.S.A., their families, friends, human rights activists and abolitionists of the death penalty. We have united to rebalance the scale of justice effectively.

There are not only innocents on death row, there are innocents everywhere behind bars. We are campaigning for and exposing their false incarcerations. We join forces and attack criminal injustices together. Our goal is to free innocent inmates and to help expose the true criminals. An innocent prisoner is the “leader” of her/his own campaign and it is our pleasure to assist them in their struggle for justice.

Unfortunately not every conviction can be vindicated through the technology of DNA evidence. Various wrongfully incarcerated persons suffer from injustices afflicted by bogus witnesses, unlawful police, court appointed defense attorneys (so called “pretenders”), prosecutors and judges!

Huff and Partners*, who are law experts, created a data base of 205 false conviction cases already in the 90s and they discovered that in nearly ½ of those cases eye witnesses’ misidentification played the biggest role.In 1 out of 10 cases perjury by witnesses or negligence by criminal justice officers were sited as other causes of false conviction.False or coerced confessions surfaced in almost 8% of the cases studied.The Huff study concluded that several causes of false conviction often worked simultaneously.The following observation was made:If we had to isolate a single “system dynamic” that pervades large numbers of cases, we would probably describe it as police and prosecutorial overzealousness:The anxiety to solve a case, the carelessness in which one having such anxiety is willing to believe, on smallest evidence of the most neglectful nature, that the culprit is at hand; the willingness to use improper, unethical and illegal means to obtain a conviction, when the prosecution at hand wants to believe the person accused is guilty.

Here you can check the statistical survey on factors leading to wrongful convictions (2001).2% DNA Inclusions6% Other Forensic Inclusions15% False Confessions16% Informants / Snitches17% False Witness Testimony21% Microscopic Hair Comparison Matches23% Bad Lawyering26% Defective or Fraudulent Science34% Prosecutorial Misconduct38% Police Misconduct40% Serology Inclusion61% Mistaken I.D.(source: NY Innocence Project)

Additionally physical and sexual abuse of prisoners, similar to what has been uncovered in Iraq, takes place in U.S. American prisons with little public knowledge or concern. It is obvious, the U.S. American Criminal Justice and Penal System need some vital adjustments to prevent such atrocities.

Please, feel free to visit our website for further information. Volunteers are needed immensely! If you helped us to spread the word about this project, it would be greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to reading from you.Thank you for your time.

Katja PummInnocent In