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The Villanovan:

Your future and the future of your children hang in the balance. On November 2, 2004 we, the people of America, will make a decision that will impact this nation and world. Never in our history has our nation been confronted with such a momentous decision for good or ill. Both Bush and Kerry plan to strengthen the military establishment and the military. This will directly affect the quality of your lives. You are the young men and women who will be called on to fight this horrendous war on terror. With Bush or Kerry, the future contains only the murky clouds of war, death, bereavement, and maiming. The news media will continue its non-stop drumming of violence into the heads of our children, youth, and adults. Is there no other way?

Yes! None other than John Joseph Kennedy has stepped forth to announce he is a Write-In Democratic Candidate for the President in 2004. Go to his website at: and read about this world-renowned humanitarian, environmentalist, journalist, producer, and entrepreneur. A member of the Kennedy family, with its 125 years of political service, John Joseph Kennedy offers his wealth of knowledge, international contacts, and esteemed professional career to you, the young people of America. He will assist you in restoring the greatness to our nation, in restoring world peace, and in bringing prosperity to all persons. He will support creating new jobs through the use of the Arts and entrepreneurial endeavors. Who better to do so than John Joseph Kennedy!

John sends each student his personal best wishes and asks for your support. If you can arrange for large groups, perhaps through Young Democrats, he would love to speak on your campus. Time is precious, so he would need availability to large groups. John said to tell you that he was President of Young Democrats his freshman year and a two term collegiate congressman.

In order to create a bright future for America and the world, the Kennedy campaign needs the assistance of students throughout America. We need you to get the word out, asking the millions of Americans who want true and positive change to write-in JOHN JOSEPH KENNEDY AS PRESIDENT ON NOVEMBER 2, 2004.

This is our opportunity to show America and the world that together we can transform our nation. It is our opportunity to transcend all that separates us, including political party affiliation. Restoring the dignity and greatness of America is far more important than loyalty to any particular faction. The powers-that-be would have us continue to believe that it is possible to waste our vote by not voting for Bush or Kerry. WHAT IS POSSIBLE IS FOR AMERICANS TO RISE UP AS A MULTITUDE AND WRITE-IN JOHN JOSEPH KENNEDY FOR PRESIDENT IN 2004.

We are One! Now is the time to join hands and declare, “We vote for peace, for creativity, for prosperity, for justice, FOR A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE!”

Together, Americans can accomplish miracles! Centuries ago, we threw the teabags into the ocean and shouted, “No more.” In November 2004, we can toss the warmongers out of the White House and Washington, D.C.


I enclose below a News Release and the 10 Issues on which Kennedy is basing his Presidential Platform. DONATIONS ARE NEEDED – THE IMMEDIATE GOAL IS $2,500,000. You may go to and make your donations.

Come on, students, let’s transform YOUR FUTURE together!

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I am pleased to announce that John Joseph Kennedy is running for President in 2004 as a write-in Democratic candidate!

John Joseph Kennedy is an outstanding community leader, humanitarian, champion of children’s rights, environmentalist, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. He is a man of extraordinary vision who has stepped forward to “Right the Wrong” in America. Americans desire and deserve a better future than that being presented by our current candidates. John Joseph Kennedy, with all the magic that the Kennedy name brings, has been called to restore and unite this Great Country in peace, justice, and prosperity.

The power is in the hands of Americans! We now have a candidate we can trust, who will rebuild the American dream. We the People can change our future from one of continued war and more terror, to one of peace. We need everyone’s assistance. This is our opportunity to seize and restore America to its greatness!

I urge you to read the following press release and ten-point platform, go to John’s website at, and to join in this most worthwhile effort. To schedule a personal interview with John Joseph Kennedy, you may email our National Campaign Media Contact Person at: [email protected] or contact me. I will be glad to forward your request to Karen.

For the sake of America, I encourage you to print in your newspaper the News Release provided below. The people deserve to know that an alternative to fear is available in the form of a great American, JOHN JOSEPH KENNEDY.


Nancy DetweilerE-Mail: [email protected]: 804-272-6200KENNEDY FOR PRESIDENT 2004


John Joseph Kennedy announces his candidacy as a write-in candidate for President of the United States of America for 2004

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA–JULY 20, 2004. For historical reasons, John Joseph Kennedy returned to his family’s beloved native homeland of South Carolina to launch his candidacy for President of the United States of America as a write-in candidate for 2004. “I announce my candidacy in order to right the wrongs of America,” declared Kennedy.

Seven generations ago, Kennedy’s family immigrated to America from their ancestral home of Tipperary, Ireland and settled in Charleston, South Carolina. Kennedy’s great-grandfather, Congressman Michael Francis Kennedy I, was the first of the Kennedy bloodline in American politics. He was elected to two terms in South Carolina’s House of Representatives from 1882-1886. In 1882 he also co-organized and attended the Irish Land League in Philadelphia, PA creating laws and regulations to protect the personal and tenancy rights of poor Irish immigrants in America. South Carolina’s archival records state that as a youth of only 16, Michael Francis Kennedy was one of the first to pick up his rifle to defend the South in the Civil War. “In the same fighting spirit of my great grandfather, my noble D’Arcy ancestors before him, and President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, I too, pick up the sword to defend my country,” Kennedy proclaimed. “America is in its eleventh hour and that is why I am running for the Presidency.”

“I have been watching the campaign very closely. I did not hear any one candidate speak the truth America deserves to hear. After being asked repeatedly, I decided to run as a True Democrat and write-in candidate.” “The most critical truth is that the four primary candidates for the highest offices in our land in 2004-President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Senator John Kerry, and Senator John Edwards-all voted for the war in Iraq. Each man had an opportunity for greatness; each man failed. They failed the American people and the world. Their names are forever etched in history,” Kennedy lamented.

Kennedy’s campaign is an American first! It is based on ten key issues including: National security, Iraq (cease the United States’ occupation and rebuild with the United Nations), Stop the war against children (non-violence in schools, homes, children’s television programming, etc.), Non-violence in the media (all genres), Compassionate mission to end the war on homelessness, Universal health care/health, Restoration of our civil & constitutional rights (repeal the fraudulent Patriot Act), Environment & environmental justice, Rebuild international relations and Re-create a spirit of entrepreneurship for America.

“Ironically, South Carolina is one of the few states that does not allow write-in candidates for the Presidency. I am aware of this and we must get this law changed. It is interesting to note that Strom Thurmond ran as a write-in candidate for Senator against the nominee of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Edgar Brown in 1954. He defeated Brown and became the first person in U.S. history to be elected to a major office by write-in-ballot. South Carolinians can vote for me by not voting for any presidential candidate on the ballot in November. The future of America is literally in the hands of the American people. The handwriting is on the wall and America can literally write me in as their next President,” Kennedy concluded.

For 30 years John Joseph Kennedy has been an outstanding community leader, humanitarian, champion of children’s rights, environmentalist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and a man of extraordinary vision!


1. NATIONAL SECURITY: My highest priority. It’s an inside job! Right the Wrong!

2. IRAQ: U.S. occupation to cease; United Nations to rebuild. Right the Wrong!

3. STOP THE WAR AGAINST CHILDREN: Non-violence in schools. I support non-violence in children’s television programming, publishing, games, and websites. I support far-reaching child abuse programs for prevention of child & domestic abuse and the healing of victims of that abuse. Right the Wrong!

4. NON-VIOLENCE IN THE MEDIA: All genres! As President, I will initiate an ecliptic program to end the prevailing violence in the media that permeates every aspect of our lives and mind. End the fictitious scripting in the news media! Right the Wrong!

5. COMPASSIONATE MISSION TO END THE WAR ON HOMELESSNESS: I will rebuild the infrastructure of America first: dollar for dollar of all that has been allotted for the war in Iraq. We must begin with the homeless, the poor, and the tens of millions of Americans who are only a few paychecks away from being homeless! Right the Wrong!

6. UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE/HEALTH: It is appalling that the richest nation in the world has 44 million Americans without health care. Affordable health care for all! As President, I will also strive to find a cure for A.I.D.S. I will support the ultimate care of A.I.D.S patients and those afflicted with the HIV virus, both in America and globally. I will lift the ban on stem cell research. Right the Wrong!

7. RESTORAL OF OUR CIVIL & CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS: As President, I will totally repeal the fraudulent Patriot Act and place my emphasis on individuals rights to privacy. I whole-heartedly support the legal recognition of same-sex marriages and equal rights for all persons. Right the Wrong!

8. ENVIRONMENT & ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: Protect the oceans and their inhabitants! I will enforce a permanent ban on Low Frequency Sonar Testing and International Whaling. I will demand the strictest enforcement of the laws to prevent toxic waste, dumping, and toxic industries. Right the Wrong!

9. REBUILD INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: I will repair the damage that has been done to our nation by restoring America’s dignity and integrity in the eyes of the world. Right the Wrong!

10. SPIRIT OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP: In each of us dwells a creative spirit! As your President, I will restore the arts in schools. I will also encourage, support, and finance the Arts, as well as the bright ideas and business ventures of the American people. I will renew and rebuild the American dream through using the Arts and Small Businesses to create new jobs. We must always celebrate the successes of all Americans, not tear them down once they have been achieved. Right the Wrong!

DONATE! DONATE! Monetary contributions are essential for our campaign to succeed. Any amount you can give counts as your contribution to the restoring of America. Our campaign urgently needs to reach an immediate goal of $2,500,000. You may donate by going to:

For more information or to volunteer please contact:Nancy DetweilerE-Mail: [email protected]: 804-272-6200 KENNEDY FOR PRESIDENT 2004