young voters

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I was wondering if i could submit this its just something i wrote a little while ago.

We’ve all heard the catchy slogans. “Rock the Vote”, “Vote for Change”, and of course, as only P. Ditty can so eloquently put it, “Vote or Die”. But this empty political rhetoric aimed at us Generation Y’ers seems to be throwing me for a loop and taking a lot of innocent people down with it. I am probably no more informed than the next person when it comes to this election. I mean I read the paper and I watch the local and national news but that really means nothing. Every night it takes up a major portion of the telecast and every morning, a column on the front page. But to be honest I don’t see the big deal. Each night I see John Kerry or George Bush in some obscure Midwest town like Chillicothe, Ohio talking about reforming Medicare and homeland security, but when I look into the crowd all I see is old people! True they are the most reliable voting demographic and to win the geriatric vote is most likely to win the election, but what about me? Not once lately have I seen either candidate visit a college campus and tell the students that they are committed to lowering interest rates on Federal student loans or assure me that no more college-age students, just looking for an opportunity to go to school, will needlessly die in Iraq. “But Brian, you gotta get out and rock the vote” I was told earlier this week at the Oreo. “Why?” I asked. “Well, because it’s your right man!” By that logic it would appear that I should carry around a pistol (with the proper permits) because it is my right man. “But there are millions of people in countries where they aren’t allowed to vote” I hear again. Well to be honest, I don’t have much concern for those people who can’t vote in a democratic election and I hardly see how voting in this 2004 election will help them. If anything it will just piss them off that I can vote and they can’t! With two candidates so obviously ignoring a massive portion of the population, why is anybody buying into the slogans? “Vote or Die”, I don’t even get it. This may sound radical in this age of new found patriotism, but if you really want to “Rock the Vote” stay away from the voting booths this November. Send the message that you are smart enough to read through the empty rhetoric and you want to hear about real issues that pertain to YOU!