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Mrs. Heinz-Kerry and her connection to The Tides Foundation is not ‘new’ news. The Tides Foundation’s connection to isn’t breaking news, either. Nor is’s connection to Texans for Truth. What is lesser known is the Communist Party’s willingness to back Kerry in this election. They’ve encouraged their members to vote for him instead of their own candidate. Their sole reason? Getting rid of President Bush. The W.W.W.P. (The Socialist Party) openly brags of infiltrating the unions. They brag about having Party members placed in positions to negotiate contracts for union memberships. Many of the people who give money to these organizations and political parties are common to all of them as financial endorsers – except for The Tides Foundation. They’ve created a loophole. It’s called the Tides Center. Many of these individuals and organizations also finance International A.N.S.W.E.R., Greenpeace, and other such political activism. CBS has some members of the Communist Party employed in rather high places as well. A comparative analysis between “The Communist Manifesto” and the current mission statements of several known groups and political parties is also in order. Pop Quiz: Guess whose philanthropic trust is financing, in part or in whole, all of these rabidly anti-American groups, lobbyists, PAC’s, and parties? Hint: The AFL-CIO is technically not a trust.

You don’t have to believe me. Do your own research.


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A CBS connection:

“And he said, “We established to our satisfaction, which is a high standard, that the memos are accurate or we wouldn’t have put them on television.” The memos are forgeries! Everybody knows this now and we now know where they came from, they came from — get this — a Kinko’s! A Kinko’s copy center in Abilene, Texas. Now, Abilene, let me tell you where all roads lead in this story. All roads lead to the Travis County Democratic Party. That’s where all roads lead. This guy Bill Burkett or Burk-ett is how he pronounces his name. He’s got ties to people, his lawyer, big Democrat in Texas, got his bio. Then this guy, the other guest that this on this show — what was the other guest’s name? Both these guys hate Bush. I can’t remember his name. Ben Barnes. Yeah, Ben Barnes. Ben Barnes, Travis County. It was Rather who went to Travis County to do a fund-raiser at the request of his daughter Robin who’s a big muckety-muck Democrat in Travis County.

So all roads here lead to the Travis County, Texas, Democratic Party, ladies and gentlemen. So can you imagine CBS accepting documents faxed from a Kinko’s in Abilene, Texas, as their source? Now, you know what it appears be to me? When you have Hayward’s statement here saying, “Well, the memos are right; they may be wrong, but they’re right,” what we have here is a classic liberal behavioral pattern. Mr. Snerdley and I were talking about it this morning. Remember, it was okay to lie; it was okay to lie to a federal judge; it was okay to commit perjury, as long as it was “about sex.” The liberal view of lies is: “If they are for the common good or the better good, then by all means lie,” and by “common good” I mean in their agenda. So in that era, protecting Bill Clinton was the good, Bill Clinton was the overriding objective, so if you have to lie to do that, lying is good. Well, in this case the agenda is get Bush. So if you’ve got some people out there who are claiming to have seen things and claiming to know things about Bush’s service, and you need a paper trail for it, “Okay, let’s go ahead and make it up, because it’s for the better good, getting rid of Bush. If these people say it, but they can’t prove it, let’s give them some backup.” “


find out who is connected with who…


…and follow the money: Pay particular attention to…and its connections…

Much of the money is coming from out of the country. Follow it, if you dare.

I do recommend that one does one’s own research into these matters.



I put this next one in here because I thought it was interesting.

This one is more about Bush than kerry, but answers questions concerning the President’s NG service.

You just gotta like folks from Iowa…

Kerry’s VVAW was far more radical than just visiting the Paris Peace Talks and meeting with Communist Agents of North Vietnam, consider the following:

From the FBI files it can be proved that leaders of the VVAW;

1. Met with Soviet KGB agents in DC. 2. Coorodinated antiwar efforts (protests) with the NV Communists to coincide with attacks on US troops by the NV Army in an effort to get Nixon to stop bombing NV troops during the attack on our troops. 3. Collected information from Vietnam vets concerning tactics and weapons and passed the information on to the Soviets and NV Communists. 4. Had a plan and was training members as a hit squad to assassinate up to 20 of our government leaders. 5. Developing plans that involved kidnapping elected officials and holding them until the US pulled troops out of Vietnam. Some members were arested for this plot. 6. Two members arrested while enroute to a VP Agnew speech with a “bomb” in their car. 7. VVAW was funded by the Communist Party USA, and a Communist Party of a country in Europe. 8. Members and leaders were running weapons to a black militant group in Cairo Il, and later this resulted in members of the group shooting a police officer.

. So, John Kerry worked for Communist Organizations attempting to overthrow the Government of the United States of America.

FBI Documents indicate that while John Kerry was with the VVAW, VVAW leaders met with KGB agents in the US. “VVAW collusion with foreign spies? “The Diplomatic List published by U.S. Department of State, in 1971 listed Grigoriy Sergeyvich Milhaylovskiy as an assistant Military Attache, Embassy of the U.S.S.R., Washington, D.C.”

Highlights of the FBI files and John Kerry, section 7 (October 1971)

Vietnam Veterans Against the War, John Kerry, FBI files Section 8 (Oct-Nov 1971)

Do the FBI Files concerning the VVAW (Kerry’s antiwar group) indicate a plot to assassinate Pres. Nixon?

Here is what I have found in the FBI files re: VVAW and John Kerry

John Kerry caused a fracture in VVAW for his own selfish goals (FBI Files reveal)

Kerry, Watergate: DNC Links Caused Break-in? (Kerry lied! Still with the VVAW after February 1972)

Lets watch the film of John Kerry and VVAW members throwing combat medals over the fence

Treat as Yellow – John Kerry’s VVAW coordinating with the North Vietnam Communist Government when US forces are under attack

VVAW leader meets with Communists to discuss tactics in the US antiwar movement. Kerry’s group!

Vietnam Veterans Against the War, John Kerry, FBI files Section 8 (Oct-Nov 1971)


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