What is Your Burn Rate? New Affordable Metabolism Testing

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Food For Thought Nutrition Offers Convenient, Affordable Metabolism Measurements to Help Manage Weight and Nutrition

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HAVERFORD, PA. Have you ever wondered how many calories your body needs or if you have a slow or fast metabolism? Well, now there is a way to know. A new metabolic testing device being offered in Haverford is changing the way individuals successfully manage nutrition, weight, and fitness – simply by measuring the calories you burn at rest each day.

The BodyGem device, developed by HealtheTech Inc., is a portable meter that scientifically measures a person’s resting metabolic rate, or RMR. Resting metabolism accounts for up to 75% of the calories people use each day, creating a personalized caloric benchmark for losing, maintaining, or gaining weight. Knowing your unique metabolism can be the key to your success.

“Trying to manage weight without an accurate RMR is like balancing a checkbook without knowing how much money is being spent,” said Angela Grassi, MS, RD, LDN, a nutritionist and owner of Food For Thought Nutrition, a nutrition consulting business in Haverford. “By offering metabolism measurements, we can help people understand their unique metabolism and take ultimate control over their nutrition, weight, and general fitness.”

Weighing less than five ounces, the BodyGem device is a scientifically validated, handheld indirect calorimeter using advanced sensor technology to measure a person’s consumption of oxygen, the universal fuel of metabolism. The user simply breathes into the BodyGem mouthpiece for five to ten minutes, and the device accurately measures the volume of oxygen (VO2) to determine RMR, displayed on the device’s LCD screen. Simple, convenient and accurate, the BodyGem provides the critical RMR component for customizing a successful and individualized weight and nutrition program.

Angela Grassi, MS, RD, LDN, nutritionist and owner of Food For Thought Nutrition is located at 551 W. Lancaster Avenue, Suite 302 in Haverford. She offers metabolic measurements using the BodyGem by HealtheTech. Call today to schedule your metabolism measurement or individualized nutrition session at (484) 252-9028.

Angela Grassi, MS, RD, LDN, is a nutritionist in private practice, specializing in eating disorders, weight management, sports nutrition and polycystic ovarian syndrome. She is formerly a nutrition therapist at The Renfrew Center, a leading eating disorder treatment facility where she was involved in groups, outreach, and individual nutrition counseling. Angela has been interviewed and quoted by National Public Radio and Glamour Magazine. Her research and writings have appeared in The Healthy Weight Journal, the book Weighty Issues, and The Journal of The American Dietetic Association. In 2000 she received the Award for Excellence in Graduate Research from the American Dietetic Association.