Nader or Kerry?

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Editor,With a clear majority of Americans expressing dissatisfaction with the direction of our country, the unspoken truth is that neither John Kerry, nor George Bush, nor Ralph Nader represents the visionary leadership that America ultimately needs. While it is true that Nader can be far more frank with the American people on many issues than either of the two major candidates, he is also being extremely self-deceptive with regard to his immediate impact on America’s direction. We absolutely need a crusader telling the unvarnished truths, but we cannot afford to let the ideal become the enemy of the possible. Ralph Nader needs to continue exposing both parties and the system that protects them, and he needs to do it on the largest possible stage, but when the bullhorn for truth threatens to become the barricade to recovery, it is time to reexamine priorities. Before we can take the first step in the right direction we must end our sprint in the wrong direction.We have seen where George Bush has led us, and if you have been paying attention, you can imagine where he and Cheney and Ashcroft and Rumsfeld would take us in the future, given four more years without having to worry about getting re-elected.John Kerry is an imperfect candidate in an imperfect party in an imperfect political system. But the existent alternatives to each must be considered before deciding to cast or withhold your vote. In order to assure better options are available in the future we must choose the best available option now. The choice is not between Kerry and Nader. It is between Kerry and Bush.Vote on November 2, and make sure your vote counts towards steering America in a new and sensible direction. Then, after the election, help Nader or McCain or Dean or whomever you want, to shape and advocate for the real changes that are necessary for a secure, peaceful and sustainable future.

Mark McKinney700 Forbes AvePittsburgh, PA [email protected]