A Draft now Needed

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Dear Editor,

The Bush administration has had a year to train Iraqi’s to assist our troops in Iraq. Bush mislead the American people in a national debate when he said 100,000 Iraqi security forces have been trained. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage testified to a House Appropriations subcommittee that many trainees have received nothing more than a three-week course in police procedures. Only 8,000 of the total are police who have received a full eight-week course of training, far short of the president’s claims.

Bush also failed to explain what steps he is taking to supplement US troop strength needed to complete the mission in Iraq. The Army has invoked a stop-loss order on active, National Guard and reserve troops currently deployed in the Middle East. Thousands more have been ordered to extend their duty well beyond their expected discharge dates. The Army has involuntarily recalled another 5,600 soldiers for active duty in Iraq. The head of the Air and Army National Guard said recently there is a 6,000 soldier short-fall in this year’s enlistment goal.

A return to the draft is the only option remaining to adequately staff the US armed forces.

Sincerely,Major Robert TormeyU.S. Air Force Ret.Escondido CA 92027(760) 781-1780