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My name is Mike Raia. I am a columnist for The Cowl–Providence College’s student newspaper. I am working on a column about college journalism at similiar colleges and was hoping you all could tell me a little bit about your relationship with the Villanova college administration. To what extent can they control your editorial and news content? Have they ever block publication of material?

The Cowl is published by the College and the VP of Student Service–the number two in command at PC–is our publisher. On “sensitive weekends” The Cowl is not allowed to print controversial material that could present the school in a less than flattering light.

I want to expose this denial of free speech, but to get it past the censors, I need to present it as a comparative piece. Please get back to me as soon as possible. I have until Monday afternoon to file this column without the College reading it before print.

You can call my cell phone: 301 233 2285, but email is the best way to reach me (I cut in and out of service throughout Rhode Island.)

Thanks in advance for the help,

Mike Raia