Presidential Election

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Dear Sir or Madame:

I am writing to you out of concern for the upcoming Presidential election and the need, especially this year, for every American to exercise his/her right to vote. Being a “battleground” state, I urge your State’s citizens not to be apathetic to voting – every vote does count. We have less than a month to go to the polls to vote for a man to fill the most important office in our country. I challenge every Pennsylvania citizen to get out there and vote; but I urge you to make a smart vote. Educate yourselves on the individual candidates. Forget party politics; don’t look at these men as being either a Republican or a Democrat. Instead, look at their backgrounds, their character, their honesty, their integrity, their strengths, their weaknesses, their work histories, their leadership ability and experience. Most importantly, look at each of these men’s hearts, spirit and compassion for others. These are key to a great leader. I urge you, citizens of Pennsylvania, to utilize your resources, do your “homework” and rejuvenate your spirit. Voting is a privilege which should not be taken for granted. So, get out there and vote on November 2nd; but remember to make a smart vote, vote for the right man which comes from examining your own hearts and vote for what is right for America.


Barbara Boylston23 Yeadon AvenueCharleston, SC 29407