Former State Dept Official Speaks in Philly Region About Iraq Threat

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20/20 Vision, a global security organization, is working with former State Department official Greg Thielmann on a speaking tour in the Philadelphia region. Greg will be discussing the Iraq weapons threat and the U.S. Intelligence failure. We’ll be on the road from October 13-15,Please let your readership know about these events! With the latest Iraq report saying that Iraq didn’t have WMD, we think many students would really want to attend this event!

Greg is a 25-year veteran of the US Foreign Service and was acting director of the Office of Strategic Proliferation and Military Affairs in the Bureau of Intelligence and Research at the State Department, which was responsible for analyzing the Iraqi weapons threat before the war. Thielmann has been interviewed on such news programs as Frontline and 60 Minutes II and has appeared on radio stations in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Greg was also to have appeared on 60 minutes II several weeks ago, but CBS pulled the show after it drew criticism for using faulty documents for its Bush national guard story. The network cancelled the show which featured Greg because it didn’t want to create any more controversy before the elections, but we think this was a mistake.

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