Feature for your newspaper–College and the Art of Partying

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College and the Art of Partying, a black-humored, way-offbeat look at the wild side of college life, has just been released. I believe this engaging satire would make a perfect subject for your newspaper as a feature or review.

If you’re interested, please click the below link to peruse the book online. If you decide to feature it in your newspaper and prefer reading it offline, I can send you a paperback copy upon request. College and the Art of Partying has already received much attention from the alternative media, and I’m sure your newspaper’s staff will too enjoy this wry, controversial read. I appreciate your time and consideration.


Mark Dye

(512) 280-9140 Online viewing: http://books.iuniverse.com/viewbooks.asp?isbn=0595120768&page=fm1

Book website: www.artofpartying.com