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Please call to see the process that the center takes when a company calls to hire grads. I am an ’89 Grad and my Grandfather taught at the University as well. I am sad to say that I have called to hire 3 accounting and finance majors currently, and before I have called to hire engineers. The only means to obtain resumes is for me to post the jobs. This is a slow process pending fall breaks etc. I have access to student databases from Drexel and Lehigh, and some schools send me the top 10 students in each major. I want to hire people from VU. Last year we hired recent accounting majors and engineers, but none from VU. The process is too slow and the students are losing out. The parents are spending thousands of dollars, and I am being prevented from hiring. Also, I have placed calls into the Deans. I will see if they will give me top 5 students each. Please follow this process up.Call and be a company and see if you get results in any of these modes. The placement ratios are not something to be proud of, and this may be why. Sincerely, Lynn Joyce Radice’89