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Jay Nash will be celebrating the release of his newestCD, “A Stream Up North,” with a 4-city East Coastswing in mid-November. He will be stopping inPhiladelphia to play at the World Cafe on Sunday,November 21st.

Below is a copy of the press release. I am writing toinquire if you would be interested in running apreview on the show. I would be more than happy tosend you any artwork to supplement a listing or anarticle. I can also send you an advance copy of the CDfor review.

I can be reached through this email, at the office at310.838.2558, or on my cell phone at 626.673.0535.

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LOS ANGELES, CA, November 1, 2004 – Jay Nash willcelebrate the release of his newest CD, “A Stream UpNorth,” at the World Cafe in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania on Sunday, November 21, 2004.

In early September, Los Angeles singer-songwriter Nashpicked up his guitar and headed home to New York’s1000 Islands with friend and Warner ChappellPublishing artist Joe Purdy for a Labor Day vacation.When he came back to L.A., he held in his hands eightnew songs written over the course of that weekend, allinspired by the beauty of the St. Lawrence River andbittersweet memories of summers past.

Nash combines both acoustic and electric guitars witha resounding voice to create a sound that has beencompared to the likes of Bruce Springsteen, EddieVedder and Dave Matthews. His music can alternatelymake audiences rock out with his powerful guitar orhold them at rapt attention listening to his starklytruthful lyrics. On “A Stream Up North,” Nash takes amore organic approach – his rich voice is accompaniedby not much more than an acoustic guitar and the faintsounds of waves and rain outside the recording studioon an island in the middle of the river.

For more information and to set up interviews withNash, please contact Ngoc Hoang at 310.838.2558. Forsound clips and additional show dates as they areconfirmed, please visit www.jaynash.com.

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