“Bush re-elected in close race” Article

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To Whom it May Concern:

While reading the article by Maria Brachelli entitled “Bush re-elected in close race,” I was a bit disconcerted to see the following statement:

“Bush’s second term makes him the first presidential candidate since his father’s election in 1988 to win the majority popular vote in an election.”

This egregiously false statement makes me wonder if the writer either: a) meant to say something else, b) neglected to check her facts, or c) truly believes what she says.

In truth, there were only two elections in the history of the U.S. in which the ultimate presidential winner lost the popular vote- one of which was the 200 election, in which Gore received more popular votes than Bush.

I am not sure what Ms. Brachelli meant to say, but I hope it was a misstatement rather than something she truly believed to be correct. In any case, I would hope that you would engage in more thorough fact-checking in the future.

Thank You,Gregg Pica