the day after yesterday

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Ahh, it is finally over! And for all of the shouting, sign-holding, flag-waving supporters of both candidates, their time has come and gone. Perhaps an email from the campaign managers on a “job well done” or “better luck next time” is their only memory. And so it ends, or at least lays dormant for 4 more years until the next political bout draws people out of their hibernation to flag-wave and sign-hold all over again. This must not be the case. Those supporters of the Kerry campaign can not sit idle for 4 more years while they roam the streets and offices placidly, perhaps proudly saying, “don’t blame me, I voted for the other guy”. Things would not be better had Kerry been elected. That is not to say that things will be better now that Bush was reelected. However allow me to attempt to put a positive spin on this lest you accuse me of partisan rhetoric. Things have been pretty bad the last 4 years under our President. It can only be expected that things will get worse. So here is our chance! Revolution never occurs when things are going great. It takes a prolonged period of relative unhappiness; say 8 years, before things begin to reach a head. We should feel ashamed that we had to choose between these two idiots! So those of you who “voted for the other guy”, do not sit back and wait 4 years for your next turn to “participate” in this embarrassment of a democratic system. Rebel not only against the administration but against the system that continues to produce mediocre candidates, by writing, speaking, marching and demonstrating against them. True democratic participation only begins when the polls close, it doesn’t end there. Voting is apathetic, revolution is democratic!