Liberal Professors

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Re Andrea Ford’s column:The way things go it is excellent that the educational establishment provides a nice cosy home for the liberal professors. In that way they do not trouble the mainstream activities in legitimate, productive society, but continue the role of the drone. Most of these people have never earned a pay check, nor God forbid, generated the funds to run a payroll. Nor have they been challenged with paying the corporate and revenue enhancing taxes that support the subsidized educational format. Fortunately for the citizenry most college products begin to realize how the real world works; how the individual is rewarded for activities and how governments function. It is most noble to be altruistic but even the desire for a glass of beer sometimes changes mindsets into atavistic methods.How do the academics answer the question posed by the fact that of college entrants, those with the lowest, most marginal assessments head into “teachers colleges”? Maybe some very interesting field trips could be made by college students to their accessible high schools and grammar schools in any area and observe and listen to the pathetic products being handled and psssed through by the educational community.If these folks were in the competitive sector they would be rejected and fired summarily.Regards,Dick Jennings ’52