Twas the night before finals

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Dear Villanovan, I wrote this poem as a funny break from finals, I thought maybe you’d like to run it in the next Villanovan. I realize its late, but here it is. This letter does not need to be in the paper, just the poem. Thanks, Meghan Welteroth

Twas the night before finals, when all through the dorm, Students freaking out was becoming the norm. From behind piles of books, prayers were being said, In hopes that God would get us through the days ahead. When everyone finally passed out, Their dreams were filled with visions of doubt. And my roomie and I with our piles of notes,Laid down to dream of escaping finals in boats…When down the hall there arose such a noiseWe sighed and figured it was just the boys. The sound was so loud I could not sleep, I dragged myself from bed to take a peep. I opened the door and looked down the hall, Fully expecting to see a manly brawl. Instead I caught a glimpse of a flash of redAnd blinked rapidly to clear my head. For just a few doors down I saw Santa ClausWearing nothing but his Christmas draws. A closer look showed he was not St. Nick, But a drunk guy from downstairs named Rick.Crawling along the floor he came, And shouted his finals by name. “First Core! Then, Biology!Next Calculus, Chem and Theology!When Back home I go,My parents will freak when they find out my grades are so low.To my boring bedroom I’ll be confined, Oh man, how did I get into such a bind?”On all fours down the hall he crawled, And in his misery he bawled. As I looked down at him, sprawled on the ground,I knew in the morning his head would pound. I asked him in what room did he dwellAnd as I spoke he got a call on his cell. “Yo man! I’m lost somewhere, standing next to a chickShe’s pretty hot so don’t worry about being quick.”I glared at him as I took the phone from his hand, “If you picked him up now, that would be grand.Or maybe I’ll leave him in the hall alone, In the middle of this RA write-up zone.”The guy promised he’d come soon,I hoped he’d get there before noon. Standing in the hall, I looked at the drunk, And frowned as it seemed very likely he’d flunk.As we waited I didn’t try to make small talk, Though I did help him to his feet so he could walk.His friend finally came and smiled at the sight”He promised me he wasn’t going to drink tonight.”I nodded and as I handed him over I replied, “Seems to me that he lied.”He laughed and started to walk awayBut over his shoulder I heard him say, “Good luck on your finals, all of them, I’m sure you’ll do well, yes, even on Chem.Hopefully no longer will he stray. Merry Christmas to you and on all your finals an A!”