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My name is Danielle O’Grady (formerly Danielle Levine) and I graduated from Villanova in 1998. In reading recent issues of the Villanovan, I noticed that there’s a book review section. I was wondering if someone on the staff of The Villanovan would like to take a look at my book for a possible review. I wrote and self-published a poetry book in 2000. I wrote my book between 1992 and 1999, most of which took place while I attended Villanova. I know that poetry is a lost art, but the book acted as a sort of autobiography during my formative years. It’s currently being sold at and I will be working with Barnes & Noble in the near future to sell my book on consignment. If anyone is interested, I could mail a copy of the book. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and best wishes for the holiday season! Best regards,Danielle O’GradyClass of ’98