Senior Dinner Dance

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SENIORS READ THIS!So everyone knows that senior week is a week for fun and relaxation after finals are over, right before we finally get our diplomas. It is the week to celebrate being finished with four years of hard work, and have fun with the friends we’ve become so close with along the way, we’ve earned it! There are several activities that we expect to have year after year, the pub crawl, the trip to Dave and Busters, and the SENIOR DINNER DANCE.This year will be different, however. The dance will not be held during senior week, when finals are over and seniors can finally relax. Instead, this year it will be held on April 16th. This is a mere two and a half weeks before finals start. We will still have classes on the following Monday, some will even have tests to rush home to study for or projects and papers to finish before class. While this may seem like just a random date chosen in April, there are many things going on that will prevent many seniors from being able to attend at all. This is the date that many engineers will be taking the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE Exam), which is an eight hour exam. This is only offered twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Most mechanical and civil engineers will be taking it, and some of the chemical engineers will as well. This exam will prevent those seniors from being able to make it to Atlantic City on time. April 16th is also candidate’s day. Many students are somehow involved in this, but Blue Key students are right in the middle of it. This is their biggest event, and they will unfortunately be late to the dance as well. If you’re on the men’s or women’s track and field team, you’ll be at the University of Tennessee during our senior dinner dance. The men’s golf team will be in Annapolis, MD for a match, and the women’s tennis team will be playing a match in West Virginia. Unfortunately all of these athletes will be out of the state and unable to make our senior dinner dance at all. It appears that none of these conflicts were considered when the decision was made to move up the date of the event. I bet some of you weren’t even aware that it affects you, but now you are. If having the senior dinner dance on April 16th, right before finals, rather than senior week, is unacceptable to you, or affects your being able to attend, I ask you please to speak up. You can call Chrissy Faistl (9-4214), visit her (Dougherty 214), or email her at [email protected] and let her know how you feel.