A Big Thank You

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To the editor:

After coming home from an amazing win over the #2 Kansas Jayhawks on Saturday afternoon, I found my car buried under what looked like four feet of snow. With snow almost up to the handles on my doors I started to dig out. While I was digging out a car pulled up behind me and a male voice yelled out “Are you leaving?” I yelled back “I’m trying!”, and then I heard two male voices say “We’ll help you out!” Out of the car jumped Mike Nardi and Tom Grace. Mike grabbed the shovel and Tom grabbed the other ice scraper that I had and we attacked the snow. They even offered to help me back my car out of the space. So a big thank you to them both, because after coming off a huge win I know they must have been exhausted but they were very willing to help me dig my car out.

Sincerely,Katie Punchard (’05)