Mine Ener

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Dorothy A. Malloy , EsquireVice President and General Counsel

Dear Ms Malloy:

I address this to you as I could not find an e-mail address for the president. To the extent you feel it merits his attention, please pass it on.

I ran across an article on the Philadelphia Inquirer website (attached below for your convenience) after hearing something on the news that struck me as impossibly wrong. I have no connection to Villanova and know little about it. Furthermore I am not Catholic and have no religious affiliation. Searching for some contact information in the Villanova website taught me more than I had known to date.

I am a parent of a Downs Syndrome child, well, adult now. I know first hand the disappointments and challenges (as well as the rewards) facing parents raising kids with disabilities. I can not get my arms around the University’s decision to honor this young woman. It just seems wrong. Had I done what she did, I can’t conceive I would have expected, wanted, or acquiesced in a similar tribute to me. And, quite frankly, suspect that if Ms Ener was anything like she is portrayed as having been, she would not either. If she is looking on from heaven (or wherever she may be), I suspect she is red-faced with embarrassment.

Given my lack of connection to the University and that I am not Catholic, my feelings on this matter may be of little import to Villanova. On the other hand, perhaps the fact that someone like me took the time to check into this and write you should give someone pause for thought.

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