Introduction of a new club to support Africa

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Dear Editor, I am requesting that you find us some space for this article about our new club focusing on Africa.Thank you***********************************************

Villanova African Students Association (VASA).

The Villanova African Students Association (VASA) comprises a dynamic group of students of African and non-African decent dedicated to raise the awareness of Africa to the Villanova community. One of our prime goals is to raise the awareness of the plight of Africa on issues such as AIDS and abject poverty in Africa. We look forward to working with the Villanova University and all neighboring communities in fundraising for Africa.

We also aim to rid the misconception that people have about Africa and educate them on issues pertaining to Africa relative to the first world. Are there cars in Africa? Do Africans live in trees or huts? Do African people have lions as pets? These ridiculous questions have been asked by many, and considering that these questions are of genuine curiosity and concern, our initial reaction as Africans is to educate and not take offense. So come to our meetings with any questions you may have about Africa and we will be glad to answer them.

We are currently selling red wrist bands engrained: One World One Hope. The proceeds of this fundraiser will go to benefit African AIDS orphanages and towards AIDS research. Your support for this good cause is sincerely called for. Each band costs $3. The wrist bands are on sale all around campus by VASA and some Greek life societies.

In some parts of Africa, decent clothing is a privilege. Some African school children walk to school (on average 3 miles) bare-feet. During the rainy season, the school children get infected from parasites in the muddy ground and get sick. Our club is appealing to the whole Villanova community to keep their unwanted shoes (any size).Our club will place empty boxes for collection of all the clothing and shoes you no longer need in your dormitories. This drive; Shoes For Africa, will see the Villanovan hand extending its support to poverty stricken African school children on the other side of the world, thousands of miles away! Together we can change this world.

If you would like to learn about Africa, or if you would like to participate in some of our fundraisers, do not hesitate to attend our meetings in Connelly Center Bryn Mawr Room every other Sunday starting February 13, 2005 from 7.00pm to 8.00pm.

Thank you all for supporting us.

One World, One Hope!

Martin Ganda (Zimbabwe)VASA PresidentClass of [email protected]